Photons or Pulp?

So, I’m curious… has anyone made the leap into ebooks? I have a couple of friends that seem to like them and my books will be simultaneously published in ebook and paperback format, but I’m unsure about the ebook myself. My daughter has an iPod and reads on it, but I haven’t made that transition yet. What do you think? Will printed books go the way of the 8-track and Laserdisc?


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  1. Hey, Alan. We have to make a leap of faith with it comes to our writing and reading e-Books. No, it will not kill the everlasting paper book. I intend to publish to the e-book soon. I don’t want to be left in the dust.
    Big but, this too will pass. When???

    Minnie Estelle from “On Fiction Writing.”

    • Thanks for visiting and your comment! “Nothing is constant except change” someone much wiser than me once said. Printed literature has been around for the better part of half a millennia so I doubt it will go away quickly or quietly. eBooks are just a natural evolution in our technological world.

  2. Alan, I don’t think paper books will ever go by way of the 8-track. BTW-I still know someone who owns some of those. Ha, unfortunately they can’t play them. No no no. I have an e-book reader and I love it. But hey, I can’t read it in the tub or floating on a raft in the water, I can always replace a book but a ebook? I suppose I can replace it but it can get quite expensive. And there are some books I really absolutely just have to put on my book shelf.

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