Your Voice Matters (YVM1)

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided to start a new “meme” on the blog here for it. Teens out there, your voice matters. It may not seem like it some times, but it does. What you say and what you do can have a profound influence on your life and the lives of others. Here, each week, I plan to post about a teen who is standing up and making their voice matter.

For this first installment, I chose a boy who posted a video in response to the Jonah Mowry bullying video that garnered so much attention a few weeks ago. Some have questioned the sincerity of Jonah’s original video, but the impact of it on many, many lives was powerful, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the ideas, philosophies, or truth of what Jonah did.

The message this boy is sending will matter to anyone who watches. Whether they support it or not. His voice matters.

If you see a teen making their voice matter, please leave a comment and send me a link about their story. Most of all, go out there and make yourself heard! Use the #YourVoiceMatters hashtag on twitter and tell us about it!


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