Your Voice Matters (YVM4)

To start the year off, we have a sad, yet inspirational, tale of a young man named Ben Breedlove. Many of you may have heard about him already. There is a story here from DailyMail that details a bit about his life, and death. Ben had a heart condition which required a number of surgeries and the installation of a pacemaker. Yet, through all this, Ben had a desire to help others. He and some of his friends and family posted advice videos, mostly about relationships and how to get through some of the awkward moments.

I’ll post his final video below, shot just days before his death, but I want to focus on the effect Ben’s voice had on other people’s lives. Not because he died, but because of what he did during his life. Here’s a comment from one of his YouTube channels, BreedloveTV:

Ben you’ve changed my life completely, I will never forget you and you are inspiration to not only me but millions of others. You, your youtube videos, your personality, your beliefs, everything about you is beautiful, you’ve accomplished something in 18 years that many haven’t in 80. Rest in peace, we all love you so much ❤ (Kiwi653)

Teens, and anyone else who reads this post, Your Voice Matters! What you do and what you say in this world has an effect on others; the smallest comment, “Hey, I like your smile!” could mean the world to someone. As Stan Lee and Spiderman say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Knowing that your voice matters, please, be responsible with it. We’ve already shown in earlier YVM posts what harmful effects things like bullying can have, so make an effort to use the power of your voice for good. Be positive and supportive whenever you can, because you know how you feel when someone else says something negative to you.

As always, if you know of someone who is making their voice matter, please leave a comment to tell us about them!

Ben’s other advice channel, called OurAdvice4You. RIP Ben, you will be sorely missed!


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