Your Voice Matters (YVM8)

Unfortunately, bullying continues to be a topic making news around the country. Fortunately, however, we also continue to have teens stand up and make their voice matter. Seventeen year-old Courtney Lyn Bacher spoke out after suffering silently for years and here’s the story from WCPO-TV in Cincinnati:

In a story from the Ohio News Network, Courtney says that five of the bullies have apologized since she posted her video. The article further states:

Other teens who did not know Bacher also posted positive comments on her Facebook page.
“Someone told me I saved their life and it meant the world to me,” Bacher said.
Ross High School Principal Rick Pate said that Bacher was brave.
“She’s a brave young woman for doing this and putting it out there,” Pate said.

Here are links to three videos young people posted in response and support for Courtney.

Courtney’s story shows us that her voice matters in bringing this problem to light, but it also shows us that the voices of those who bully matter too — in an extremely negative way. The comments and actions of a few teens, who probably considered them inconsequential, or even funny, led to a girl trying multiple times to kill herself. Each of us says things throughout every day that we don’t think about. How many times have we inadvertently injured someone with careless words? Put yourself in the shoes of someone before you utter a comment you might find funny at first. How would you feel if your situations were reversed?

Your voice matters. Be it positive or negative. Let’s all try to be a positive influence on the world. Give a compliment to someone today. It will make both of you feel better!

Finally, here is Courtney’s video. Warning: some of the language may not be suitable for younger viewers.


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