Your Voice Matters (YVM9)

Our story this week comes from some kids who aren’t quite teens yet, but show that whatever your age, your voice matters!

Mr. Ted Wells’ fourth grade class in Brookline, Massachusetts’s Park School, read and loved the Dr. Suess story, The Lorax. Knowing that Universal Pictures was in production on a movie version of the book, the students went to look at the website for the movie, but were disappointed in what they saw. The Lorax is a story about trees and taking care of the Earth, but the students saw none of this message in Universal’s website and were upset. After talking it over with their teacher, the class decided to put up a petition on, which you can see here. The petition quickly garnered over 57,000 signatures and triggered a response from Universal. Mr. Wells says:

Universal Studios changed ‘The Lorax’ webpage almost exactly as my class requested! They even used the Truffala tree image for a button and linked the Green Tips Random House page, just like my students suggested in this petition.

To their credit, Universal said they already had plans in the works for some environmental partnerships, but the petition “accelerated” those plans. The petition also caught the attention of some famous artists and activists like Ed Norton, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Solving for X. The website picked up the story a few days ago, and the folks over at even made a video thanking Mr. Wells’s class for their efforts. (embedded below along with a video from the class)

I’d like to add my congratulations on a job well done to the class. It’s so important for everyone to see that your voice matters! From individuals to large corporations, opinions make a difference in our lives and how we view the world. Next week, after Valentine’s Day, I’ll be announcing a contest where you will have the opportunity to make your voice matter, not only to someone else, but possibly to yourself as well! Details coming next week so stay tuned!


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