eBook Edu-ma-cation

I’m continually surprised at how often I still hear, “Oh, I can’t read eBooks, I don’t have a reader.” So, I decided it’s time for an edu-ma-cation about ebooks and how everyone who has a computer, tablet, iPod, or smart phone can take advantage of all the great reads and deals out there in ebookland.


If you’re old enough to remember a time before CDs and DVDs, you might recall audio and video tapes. If not, just trust me on this and read on. When these things came out, there wasn’t just one type to choose from. Audio had 8-track, and later, cassette, while video had VHS and Betamax. It took a few years before the industries settled on cassettes and VHS. We’re in a similar struggle for dominance right now with ebook formats. Here’s a quick run down on who uses what:

.mobi – This is the format used on Amazon’s Kindle readers. Their devices are the only ones using it, although you can get .mobi files from other sites, notably Smashwords.

.epub – This is the format most other readers use, or at least can use. Nook, Apple, Kobo, Sony, and most of the standalone apps like Adobe Digital Editions use this format.

.pdf – Many ebooks are available as basic .pdfs. Books available at Smashwords have this as an option along with a plethora of others, such as .rtf and plain text.

Turning Your Computer/Mobile Device Into an Ereader

Each of the major ereader manufacturers have apps available to allow you to read ebooks you buy on your phone, tablet, or computer. Most are free. Pictured to the right is Amazon’s Kindle app for iPhone. You can search for your preferred ereader (Kindle, Nook, etc.) wherever you get other apps for your particular device. Download and ta-da! You now have an ereader!

Understand that I still love physical books. I have a room in my basement full of them. But, I’m quickly becoming a big fan of ebooks. I can have literally dozens of books in the palm of my hand at any time. And I can change the type style and size of the display to my liking. I picked up a paperback I’d been reading shortly after trying out my new ereader and I was shocked at the difference! I wondered how in the world I’d been reading such small, crammed type all these years.

So, no more excuses people! Give an ebook a try! It won’t cost you a dime. Download your free reader app, then download A Measure of Disorder for free as well!

My Books

A Measure of Disorder (FREE at all of these links) — Smashwords (all formats)  •  Barnes & Noble (Nook)  •  Apple (iBooks)  •  Amazon (Kindle)  •  Kobo

A Cure for Chaos — Smashwords (all formats)  •  Barnes & Noble (Nook)  •  Apple (iBooks)  •  Amazon (Kindle)  •  Kobo

Mother’s HeartSmashwords (all formats)  •  Amazon (Kindle)

The Mother-Earth Series Omnibus (all three books in one volume!) — Smashwords (all formats)  •  Barnes & Noble (Nook)  •  Amazon (Kindle)

For a sneak peek at a new project, go to Wattpad and check out Tales of Uncertainty.

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  1. Cate Russell-Cole

    This is a much needed post! Thanks Alan, I’ll be sharing it.

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