Your Voice Matters (YVM16)

Miguel Mendoza, a sophomore from Oakland, California, is in our YVM spotlight this week. Miguel is a youth leader for the Relationship Abuse Prevention (RAP) program, sponsored by the Family Violence Law Center in the Bay Area. Miguel says:

We teach the community, but mostly teens how to have healthy relationships and prevent abusive ones.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

In the article by The Bay Citizen, Miguel also talks about the difference the program is making in his community:

I see the work that we do impacting youth because many teens are in really unhealthy relationships and don’t even realize they’re being abused. We help them watch out for warning signs and teach about different strategies to stay safe.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Miguel, along with Nicole Edwards, who works at the center, helped organize a flash mob in February to call attention to the RAP program and teen relationships. Miguel is making his voice matter in his community. How can you do the same? It can be something as simple as giving a compliment that can change another person’s day. Be positive and understand that your voice matters, every day!


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  1. Amazing what positive thoughts and actions can do! Thanks for sharing, Alan! Will tweet this gem! Cheers!

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