Your Voice Matters (YVM17)

This past Saturday, March 31, an event called TEDxTeen was held in New York, where the focus was on “teens and their power to change the world.” For this post, I want to call attention to a remarkable young woman who is most assuredly making her voice matter: Adora Svitak.

In an age of global warming, debt crises, and cyber wars, it might seem that what we don’t know is threatening. Every day, we realize how much we don’t know, from big (95% of the universe is dark energy or dark matter) to small—all those twists and turns we’ve experienced on our own life pathways.

Yet it’s in those dark spots, those roads not taken yet, where we make our discoveries—staring through a telescope or a camera, holding protest signs or a pen to paper. How do we know what’s going to happen?

When we don’t let our “others have failed—I’m too young—the problem’s too big” sort of knowledge become a roadblock to dreams, we can change the world. Call it the magical properties of not knowing…the unstoppable power of ideas.

So, is not knowing such a bad thing? Sometimes, it may be the wisest thing of all. — Adora Svitak, from the TEDxTeen 2012 home page.

Adora blogs, writes, and draws, but most importantly teaches kids and adults alike. I will let Adora speak for herself in this powerful video from 2010. Adults should listen to this and understand the power of childhood.

Remember you still have until the end of April to enter the Your Voice Matters Giveaway for a chance to win a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet! So, get reading and writing — your voice matters!


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  1. sharonledwith

    I agree, Alan, children are the keys to our future. It’s time we start listening to them!

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