Your Voice Matters (YVM18)

In less than a couple of hours from this post, TEDxTeen will be uploading videos from the talks held last weekend and we’ll be having a look at those for our next post. In the meantime, I wanted to focus on one of the talks from TEDxTeen 2010 by Priscilla Star Diaz, also known as P-Star.

Priscilla gave a talk on literacy, a subject which, as a writer, is near and dear to my heart. Priscilla herself struggled to read, as she describes in her talk. She fought to overcome her difficulties, and also found a desire to help others who suffered with the same problem. As one of the stars of the PBS show The Electric Company, Priscilla used her talents to help educate kids in a fun and entertaining way.

Literacy remains a problem in the U.S. Statistics as recent as 2010 show test scores of teens in the U.S. ranking around fourteenth in the world, behind countries such as Poland and Estonia. Priscilla gives other disturbing numbers in her video talk.

I encourage you to stand up and make your voice matter, as Priscilla has, and call attention to this growing problem. Reading is not only an essential tool in life, but it can be a tremendous amount of fun as well if you give it a chance!

YVM Giveaway Update!

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  1. sharonledwith

    Loved it. Tweeted it. Shared it. I used to be a literacy teacher for adults, and now participate in a yearly novel marathon in July to raise funds for literacy. Quite humbling and a damn good time! Good post, Alan! Cheers!

  2. An important subject. Thanks for sharing the blog.

  3. rachelcotterill

    What a fantastic young woman – I agree, it’s a very important topic.

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