Your Voice Matters (YVM18.5)

I’m doing an extra Your Voice Matters this week because I just couldn’t wait to share this young woman’s story with you! Meet Tavi Gevinson. She is the creator and driving force behind a website for teenage girls called The site is a fantastic resource for all things girl and teen, with article topics ranging from music to books to love to “everything else”. Tavi’s talk at TEDxTeen last week, titled “Still Figuring It Out,” deals with teen role models in books, television, and movies and how we need to see characters with more depth and realism, but I’ll let Tavi speak for herself:


Tavi is certainly making her voice matter! And I think we could all use a little more Stevie Nicks in our lives.


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  1. Love her personality and charisma! You’ve picked another gem, Alan! Cheers! Tweeted and shared!

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