Your Voice Matters (YVM19)

In this TEDxTeen video, Kristen Powers asks a question we often ask ourselves, or friends, when we’re in a casual setting and philosophizing: What would you do if you had X amount of time to live? “X” being commonly a small number for the sake of the question, but, as Kristen wonders, why are our answers different based on the size of that number? Urgency can be an important motivator in the “Power of not knowing.” Kristen made a conscious decision a few years ago to make her voice matter in the world. What could you accomplish if you made a similar decision? The importance of the “InnerKid” in all of us is that ability to think beyond what is generally considered possible, and embrace the impossible. When we reach for those impossibilities, we often do some extraordinary things along the way. And sometimes, people even wind up reaching that “impossible” goal or dream…

You can learn more about Kristen and her work in learning about and battling Huntington’s Disease here.

Your Voice Matters Giveaway Update

What if you only had two weeks left to enter a giveaway for a great prize? Would you take a chance? Or would you say, “Nah, it’s not worth the effort to click the mouse a few times.” The Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet are waiting to be won, but time is running out. A few clicks is all it takes.


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  1. Awesome pick, Alan! THE POWER OF FUN! Love it! Thanks for sharing. Will share and tweet! Cheers!

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