Your Voice Matters (YVM21)

The big day is here! Entries are closed for the Your Voice Matters Giveaway and one lucky person will win their choice of a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet! Second place winners will receive an ebook copy of The Mother-Earth Series Omnibus. That’s all three books of the Mother-Earth series wrapped up in one ebook!

Entries are being verified and emails to the winners are going out now, so check your inbox to see if you’ve won! Winners will be posted here once they’ve been confirmed. I want to thank everyone who participated in this big experiment, as well as all those folks who spread the word. Ideas and projects are in the works to make this a regular thing and I hope we can make that happen. The ability to read and write are fundamental to success in this world and it’s imperative that everyone, child and adult alike, are given the opportunity to develop these vital skills. Your voice matters in making that happen!

And the winner is…

Jasmine Rose!

She has chosen the Nook Tablet and here is what she had to say upon finding out she’d won:

Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard!
Good things can happen when and where you least expect them ;]

Jasmine runs a great book review blog, called A Room With Books, focused on YA books! Here is a link to the review that won her the big prize:

Congratulations to Jasmine and all the second place winners as well!  Thank you all once again for your support and enthusiasm for this project. Keep reading!


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  1. Drat you Alan Tucker! I wanted to know the winner’s name! Wait, do I hear a drum roll?

  2. ; ) Still waiting to hear back from the lucky winner! I’ll edit the post when I do.

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