Your Voice Matters (YVM23)

This week, we’re having a look at Youth Speaks Out,”a monthly radio show broadcast from Mendocino County, California.

Sister-to-Sister, Take 2 -May 2012
Alicia, Ashley, and Reba

The show is hosted by a group of teens from the area and addresses topics such as bullying, politics, college, and other things that affect teens today. It airs on KZYX/Z public radio, but you can listen to the recorded shows on their website at Some financial support is also provided by Safe Schools/Healthy Students-Bronco Project. These students are making their voices matter by taking to the airwaves and talking about issues that are important to them. In the process, they are also learning about radio and audio production, public speaking, and many other things that could become valuable to them later in life.

Sound like fun? Would you like to host a show to talk about things that are important to you? You can! You don’t even have to have access to a radio station. The power of the Internet brings us things like Blog Talk Radio. You can get on right now and within a few minutes (get your parents’ permission, of course!) you can be chatting away about the things that matter to you and your friends.

Your voice matters. There are lots and lots of ways to make it happen. Start by paying someone a compliment today. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be hosting your own Internet radio show!


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  1. This is an important posting. Thank you for it.

  2. sharonledwith

    Love your blog, you never seem to amaze me with your content. I shared and tweeted for ya! Cheers, Alan!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Linda and Sharon!

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