Your Voice Matters (YVM24)

Recently, De’Qonton Davis and a team of students from John Hopkins Middle School, in St. Petersburg, Florida, produced a video in conjunction with PBS’s Student Reporting Labs program and assistance from WEDU Television.

Photo from Tampa Bay Times article about these students.

De’Qonton had seen fighting and violence on the rise in his neighborhood and noticed a correlating rise in fighting in his school. He’s had an interest in photography for several years. Here are De’Qonton’s words from the PBS article:

I like being able to tell stories without using words. I like being able to tell people things that are important in my life.

That’s how I came up with the idea of fights as the theme for our PBS NewsHour project. They happen around me, in my neighborhood and at school. I thought it was important to tell this story because it shows people that when you do something in the neighborhood, it affects the school. It’s important for people to understand why this happens (frustration, anger and problems at home) because if we don’t understand it, we could never solve the situation or problem.

Because he and his classmates have called attention to this problem in their school, people are taking notice, not only in his school, but now across the country. This project started from a simple idea hatched in a middle school journalism class, but by expressing it, and carrying out his vision, De’Qonton is making his voice matter. All ideas start out small, it’s what we do with them that can make them big. Get out there and make your voice matter!

Below is the PBS News Report about De’Qonton and his classmates’ video. Here is a link to a page with the students’ video itself: The embedding function for the video wasn’t functioning properly at the time of this post.

Tampa Bay Times article link.


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  1. sharonledwith

    Wow, you sure find amazing kids to share with the world, Alan! Kudos for bringing awareness!

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