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Still working on some changes and new features for the blog, but I thought I’d post some newsy items about the books since I haven’t done that in a while.

Free in the UK! Amazon finally price matched A Measure of Disorder so that fans in the UK can get it free like those in the US have been able to do since late February. Still waiting on the other European sites, so if you’re in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain, click on that “report a lower price” button and let them know!

Features and Author Interviews. I’m a featured author right now at Buggie4Book and I have some interviews coming up in the next month or so on Werzombies Press and a blog tour organized by Megan at ReadingAwaytheDays! Thanks so much for all the help and support!

Disappearing Reviews. Unfortunately, a couple of reviews for A Measure of Disorder fell victim to Amazon’s seemingly random guillotine. Neither of them were by family members, or anyone I know, nor did they lay claim to any other product or service that I’m aware of which would violate Amazon’s reviewing policy. Many, many authors have been complaining about this through social media and the blogosphere lately, so I know I’m not alone. If either of those folks who wrote those reviews happen to read this post, I apologize for their departure and hope that the almighty ‘Zon will reconsider its actions.

New Historical Fiction. I recently completed a project with another author, Marion Driscoll, and it’s available on Kindle! It’s a novella titled Chasing Shadows and here’s a little more info:

Dr. Margot Braun is a woman ahead of her time, working as a clinical psychiatrist in the 1950s, when a man with no memory of his past is delivered into her care. As Margot endeavors to unlock the mysteries of his life, she discovers tenuous connections to her own shrouded family history and can’t help but wonder at the unlikely, yet increasingly intriguing, possibilities those connections represent.

Chasing Shadows offers a fast-paced exploration of one man’s flight from his inner demons and how the traumatic events in one life can have profound effects on the lives of others as well. It is novella length, with approximately 42,000 words.

Give it a try if you’d like to read something out of your normal genre!

Stay tuned for more and everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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  1. Hey, Alan, love your newsworthy post! Tweeted and shared your stop at Buggie4Book! Cheers!

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