Breaking News: Turn Signals Standard in All Cars

Warning: Sarcasm ahead.

Just a quick Friday rant from me today. When did flipping on the turn signal while driving become so difficult that we decided it was an unnecessary function of operating a vehicle? I do believe that communication skills have eroded significantly over the past decade or more and this is just another symptom.

Wait. What?

Using turn signals while driving is a form of communication — at least when done correctly. Leaving your signal on for several blocks or miles is sending out another message entirely. Proper use of a signal lets all the other drivers around you know what you’re up to. When no signals are given, everyone else is forced to guess at your intentions.

Imagine interacting with your friends or family without talking. Now, some of them you may know well enough to correctly guess their wants and needs without that communication, but even so, your anxiety level would surely rise and it would take longer to get anything done. Providing others with simple information makes our daily lives much more efficient and pleasant.

So, please, be conscious of others while out on the road. Be willing to impart some tidbits of information to your fellow drivers, “I’ll be turning left shortly.” If we all do this, I think you’ll find a much more enjoyable driving experience. Happy Friday everyone, and be safe out there!


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  1. In New Mexico if you use your turn signal you’re considered a crazy driver and could be hit by another vehicle. For some reason most peole don’t belive in them here, after all were still the wild, wild west. It’s refreshing to drive in other states and actually know what a driver is planning to do ahead of time:) Too bad everything doesn’t work that way.

    • No kidding! I lived in Colorado when I was younger and remember we used to call New Mexico the “land of nine or ninety”. Seemed like all the drivers were either too slow or way too fast. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. OMG – makes me wonder what kind of a week you’ve had! Hang in there, Alan, the best is yet to come! Wink.

    • Thanks, Sharon. 🙂 No, it hasn’t been bad, just saw so many examples of this while I was out running some errands yesterday that I thought I’d make a short post. I could do another one on tinted windows! Not being able to see where other drivers are looking is yet another hindrance to communication.

  3. I’ve driven in NM and Arizona and Arizona is way worse. Arizonans do indicate an intended lane change – they do it with a little feint over the line.

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