Autographs on Your Kindle

I love doing book signings! I think it’s a fantastic way to interact with readers and find out what excites them. With the growing popularity of ebooks, I was afraid book signings might become a thing of the past.

Welcome Authorgraph! This service allows readers to request an autograph from their favorite authors and add it to their ebook copy.


From the developer, Evan:

I really enjoy reading and I also enjoy meeting the authors of my favorite books. One time, during the summer of 2010, I attended an author reading in Seattle. After the author had read a section of his book, he invited everyone to come up and have their books signed.

I had the author’s book on my Kindle and I felt awkward since I didn’t have anything for him to sign. In May of 2011, I built the first version of this service to enable authors and readers to interact through digital books. Note: this service was orignally called Kindlegraph before I changed the name to Authorgraph in November 2012.

Authors can sign in and add their books to the site, then readers can request an authorgraph. It has an area to personalize the greeting as well. My only wish is that I had a stylus and writing pad so my signature didn’t look like it had been drawn by a first grader! The software records your signature as an animation, which is a very cool feature.

Here is my author page:

So, now you can have all those ebooks you’ll be receiving this Christmas personalized!


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  1. This is great news for authors and their readers! A timely post for the holidays, Alan! Thank you! Will tweet and share. Cheers and happy holidays to you and your family! Salute!

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