Thank You Mr. Lucas. May the Force Always Be With You.

1977. I will never forget sitting in the theater, with my bag of buttered popcorn, watching in awe as first the small rebel ship soared past, followed by the rumbling behemoth that was the Imperial Star Destroyer ominously fill the screen. I was absolutely, positively blown away — as were millions of other moviegoers that summer. My best friend and I went back, literally dozens of times that year, to revisit the glorious world a man named George Lucas had revealed to us. “Space Opera”, it was called, or sometimes, “the Old West in space”. Whatever it was, we could not get enough of it.

The original movie poster art done by the incomparable Tim Hildebrandt

The original movie poster art done by the incomparable Tim Hildebrandt

The elements were classic, iconic: the Princess, the Gunslinger, the Youngster with untapped Talents, the Wizard, and the Evil Overlord — all the staples of traditional adventure showcased on a scale like we’d never seen before. Star Wars defined, or at least forever redefined, the term: Blockbuster.

Thirty-five years, and five movies later, the franchise is being passed on to another generation of entertainers. None of us knows what will come from this injection of new talent and ideas, but I guarantee we’ll be talking about it passionately and often over the next two years until the promised “Episode VII” is released.

For myself, I would just like to thank Mr. Lucas for giving a young boy a thrilling moment he will remember for the rest of his life. May the Force be with you.

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  1. OMG! I have that same post (yes, bought in 1977) mounted and hung proudly behind my in my writing studio. I’m hoping some of that Force rubs off on me! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Alan! Beam me up, Darth!

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