The Oscars Are Here! Guess Who’s Going?

Before you get too excited, or jealous and start throwing things at me, I’m still stuck in a Montana winter that can’t make up its mind what season it really wants to be. But, Jenni and all her friends, and Dare and all his friends will be there!

AMOD-Cover2ndEdv3KnotinTime_ToU1Paperback copies of A Measure of Disorder and Knot in Time will be displayed in one of the celebrity gift lounges backstage at the Oscars. How is this possible you ask? Well, I’m happy to introduce you to the folks who make it happen: indiExhibit!indiExhibitlogo



The indiExhibit is a global group of independent artisans who banded together in 2010, led by Shannon Justice of Lollipop Labs, Inc., to showcase talented indie artists and their creations to other talented artists, namely actors and musicians. There’s much more, though, as Shannon explains:

The indiExhibit is more than just a group of artists who show off their wares in Hollywood. We are a close knit community who truly cares about each other and who wants to help every artist in the group become the best that they can be. The indiExhibit members are friends. We are a family. We are a support group. Participating in these gift lounges not only promotes each individual member of the group, but also encourages their creativity and pushes them to do better with each show. The indiExhibit helps artists build confidence and have faith in themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about this wonderful group, you can find them on their website here, or on their Facebook page. I’m personally very excited for this opportunity to have my work appear in front of many eyes who probably would never see it otherwise. Even if nothing comes of it financially, I’m still grateful to have found this great group of creative folks to hang out with!

So, who will you be pulling for on Sunday? Who’s your pick for best actor/actress or best movie? I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. What an innovative and smart idea, Alan! I wish you the best in this enterprising venture. You never know who may pick up one of your books to flip through it! Kudos. BTW – I’m hoping Les Mis wins big! Cheers!

  2. Have to admit, I haven’t seen that one yet. *slaps his dunce cap on and stands in the corner* Actually, it’s pretty rare that I’ve ever seen or even heard of most of the best picture nominees. I tend to go for the big scifi/fantasy/action movies which, outside of LOTR, rarely get recognized by the Academy except for the technical awards. Thanks for the comment and I’ll be looking for Les Mis!

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