Name That Celeb! and Paperbacks Up For Grabs

So, as a form of my own post-Oscar party, I wanted to follow up on my last post about the indiExhibit and let you know how it all went. In a word: fabulous! Thanks again to the folks at the indiExhibit for all their hard work in putting these events together!

KeyesAMODPictured here is Christian Keyes, proudly showing off his copy of A Measure of Disorder! Christian has starred in several films, including Perfect Combination and Lord All Men Can’t Be Dogs. He also plays Darius Bishop on the Beauty and the Beast television series on CW, airing this year. I hope you enjoy the book Christian!

All right! So, what’s a party without some fun games? Below, I’ve got pictures of several celebrities that visited the indiExhibit’s Oscar booth this year. Your job is to identify the celebs based on the picture, the hint I’ve given, and maybe a little bit of Internet research. Comment on this post with your answers. The post with the most correct answers will win a paperback copy of their choice of A Measure of Disorder or Knot in Time! (US only please, if the winners are outside the US, I’ll send you ebook copies in a format of your choosing)

In addition, I’ll award a second copy — again, your choice — to a random commenter, so, even if you’re stumped on the game, you can still have a chance at a prize! Just leave a comment!

Contest will run through March 16th. I’ll announce the winners and post the answers on St. Patty’s Day, March 17th.

Any questions? Okay, ready, set, go!

EDIT: All right. I think folks are a bit gun shy posting, being afraid they will give hints to others with their guesses. So, let’s do it this way: First post with all eight (or the highest number) correct will win a book. All posts with answers or guesses will get their name thrown in the hat to win a book. Even if you can only guess at one or two, get your post up for a chance to win. Heck, I might even throw some more books in the pot depending on the number of posts! So, guess away!

NameThatCeleb1hintNameThatCeleb2HintNameThatCeleb3HintNameThatCeleb4Hint NameThatCeleb5Hint NameThatCeleb6Hint NameThatCeleb7Hint NameThatCeleb8Hint


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  1. Too cool, Alan. Just the hands you want to get a novel in. 🙂 I hadn’t heart of IndiExhibit before. I recognize a couple of your celebs. Good thing you gave the “L” hint in #2. The young uns won’t get that one. 😉

  2. Very cool, Alan! I’m really “out” of it regarding current celebs. The only one I recognize is #5 and only because Laugh In was one of my favorite shows back then (and I thought it was cool that she did the voice of the lady-in-waiting for the animated Beauty & the Beast). 🙂

    • Thanks Katy! I definitely had to do some research with some of the younger ones to come up with the hints, but I did recognize some from shows my kids have watched recently, so that helped.

      Many people would be surprised at some of the things #5 has done, especially recently, like the voice part you mentioned. Good thing getting up in years doesn’t erase talent!

  3. I had to look most of these up because I don’t watch TV. I still couldn’t find #6 because I didn’t know which show to start looking under. LOL
    Amanda chefamanda (at) gmail (dot) com
    #1 Savannah Jayde and Kelli Goss
    #2 Penny Marshall
    #3 Damien C. Haas
    #4 Jeryl Prescott
    #5 Joanne Worley
    #7 Temara Melek
    #8 Jasika Nicole

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