Merry Christmas and Abandon Hope

Quite a combo, huh?

Just a short post to wish everyone out there Happy Holidays and to announce the arrival of Abandon Hope on Kindle. And my present to you is it’s available for 99 cents for a limited time before it goes to its regular price of $3.99 after the holidays. So, if you enjoyed Knot in Time, go treat yourself to Dare’s latest adventure.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, be sure to make it safe and happy!


About Alan Tucker

Writer, Dad, Graphic Designer, Soccer Coach … not necessarily in that order!

Posted on December 24, 2013, in Books/Writing. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. YAY! So, we’re supposed to have a merry Christmas, but to leave behind hope??? 😉 Congrats on the book! 😀

  2. Hi-

    I just finished reading A Knot in Time and left you a five-star review. So pleased to see the sequel is out! Will definitely pick up the new one!

    I picked up a copy of Knot back in August or so when it was free (saw you on Konrath’s blog). I think I remember that you were hoping for some reviews–so I hope I helped out in that regard. I’m a newbie author myself–just self-published (not under my real name) a few short stories and my first book last month (cozy mystery stuff).

    Happy Holidays!

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