We Live in a New Renaissance (TTW)

Over at the Emblazoners, we do a monthly meme called ‘Tween the Weekends on the last Wednesday of each month. Since Christmas fell on a Wednesday this time, we’re posting on Thursday — today!

Lois Brown’s excellent post about “Breaking the Board” got me to thinking about this new age of publishing we are experiencing. I realized that computers and the Internet have sparked a modern renaissance in art and expression never seen before in human history. Not only writing, but music, performance, and countless other forms of art have benefitted from the technology we have available today.

1496221_763645083648960_1731597361_oTake Simon Beck, for instance. He creates truly astounding pieces of art in snow. Ten or fifteen years ago, who would have seen these fleeting, snowy masterpieces? Now, hundreds of thousands of people can view and appreciate his work via the Internet. The creativity of the human mind is well and truly boundless.

Computers and the Internet have given us the freedom to express without limits. Of course, not everyone will like everything ever posted in the aether. Some examples will, of course, be better than others. But the power of choice we now have is astonishing! How many amazing stories have been lost forever over the last couple of hundred years because the gatekeepers of publishing didn’t see their value? I can’t even imagine.

So, rejoice in our renaissance as we enter a brand new year! What wonders will 2014 bring to us? I can’t wait to find out!


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  1. Good points, Alan! I know the Internet has made a huge impact on the way that authors write – publishing aside, there’s so many more resources available for us now to learn about the things that are featured in our books! (Though I always wonder what Google thinks of me, as I search for things like how to fight with batons, how to make a bow and arrows, or exactly what happens when you poison someone with x, y, or z.) I do love that Simon Beck link! Amazing artwork. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing snow art. People are so talented, and you’re right. With the computer, we all can share in the remarkable expressions of art worldwide.

  3. These times, they are a changing, Alan! Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year in 2014! Cheers!

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