Knot in Time? Just in Time!

In celebration of the release of Dare’s second adventure, Abandon Hope, on Kindle and in paperback, the first book in the series, Knot in Time, is available FREE for your Kindle this week. Here’s what a few folks are saying about this science fiction/adventure series:

KnotinTime_ToU1Mr. Tucker knows exactly how to write a book that people just want to keep reading. This book is packed with non-stop action and suspense…
— Austin,

There are paradoxes, redoes, cool gadgets, and a quirky hero. I highly recommend this book.
— Lynne, Amazon Reviewer

I really enjoyed this tale and am hopeful that there will be more time travel tales to be told! Looking forward to reading more!
— Ron, Amazon Reviewer

In short, if you have read “Knot In Time” and enjoyed it, you shouldn’t need any more motivation to pick [Abandon Hope] up. If you haven’t read it, then you should remedy the situation before reading this one.
— Random1, Amazon Reviewer

AbandonHope_ToU2_ebookcoverHuge thanks to all of you who have read my works and supported me the past four years or so! I write these stories because I love to write. The additional joy of having others read them and derive their own entertainment is a bonus that was merely a dream when I began this journey. So, thank you again and look for a special price on Abandon Hope next week!

Now, off to work on Book 3!



About Alan Tucker

Writer, Dad, Graphic Designer, Soccer Coach … not necessarily in that order!

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  1. Congratulations, Alan, on your newest book, Abandon! Wishing you tons of success!

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