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Santa’s Early This Year!

Just in time for Christmas, there are currently three contests running where you can nab a signed copy of Knot in Time!KnotinTime_ToU1

The fabulous folks over at ReadingTeen have two copies up for grabs. Giveaway ends Tuesday night so hurry over and enter! ReadingTeen Giveaway

Read for Your Future has one copy available in their End of the World Giveaway Hop, ending Friday in conjunction with the end of the world, coincidentally! Read for Your Future Giveaway

And last, but certainly not least, Tracy Riva, reviewer and editor extraordinaire, has a copy for you to win. Entries will be taken through Saturday the 22nd. Tracy Riva’s Holiday Giveaway

Thank you so much to these fantastic sites for offering up these books! All three work tirelessly for authors and readers both to bring the two together. They are all insanely passionate about books and the world is a better place with them in it.

Tune in on Christmas when I will have a present under the tree for a whole bunch of you! Until then, please have a wonder and safe Holiday season. I thank you all for your support!


Ladies and Gentlemen, An Introduction …

The finishing touches are going into this now, so I figured it was time for an introduction …

My name is Darius Arthur Heisenberg, but most people call me Dare. If my last name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of my great-great uncle Werner Heisenberg. He was a physicist who came up with something called the Uncertainty Principle. But listen, Uncle Werner had no idea how uncertain things really are.

I work for a group, called the Keepers, that label themselves the custodians of time. And, believe me, time is a mess. It needs all the custodians it can get. Which is, of course, why the Keepers selected me, a nineteen-year-old high school dropout, to join them. I recently worked as a janitor for a couple months. Perfect fit, right?

Okay, it didn’t make much sense to me either, but I wasn’t in a position to turn down a steady job and a roof over my head. Besides, all I’m supposed to do is travel through time and save the universe as we know it, how hard could it be?

Yeah, better hold on. This could get ugly.

The first novel Knot in Time, in my new series, Tales of Uncertainty, should be available around November 14, barring unforeseen circumstances! I’m very excited about this book and can’t wait to share it with the world.

When Fiction Becomes Fact

A little over four days from this posting, the latest in a long line of Mars landers will set foot — or wheel in this case — on Mars. Curiosity, as this probe is called, continues our quest to learn more about the Red Planet, which has fascinated and tantalized us for centuries. Its objectives include searching for evidence of conditions favorable to life, studying the Martian climate, studying Martian geology, and collecting data for a future manned mission to Mars, according to NASA’s web site.

What will Curiosity find on Mars? Will it find evidence of life, either now or in the past? Countless stories have been written, over the years, about life on other planets and other things that seemed pure fantasy — at least at the time. Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon was a story of fiction and humor, written in 1865, yet just over a hundred years later, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, creating fact from fiction.

Jules Verne predicted other things in his writing, such as underwater travel in submarines, but he isn’t alone in spinning tales that eventually become real. H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and a host of other writers, have all had elements from their stories become reality in one form or another. Science Fiction doesn’t have a stranglehold on this phenomenon either. George Orwell’s socio-political novel, 1984, has had some of its predictive elements come to pass, albeit not exactly in the time frame he envisioned. Terms and ideas, such as Big Brother, which come from that 1949 work are still with us today.

Sometimes, things we feel certain should come to pass don’t. (I’m still waiting for my flying car Back to the Future!) Many stories written in the sixties, seventies, and even later, told of flourishing moon and mars colonies by this time. Even Clarke’s 2001 and 2010 novels overestimated our technical abilities. Yet, even if the writers had their timelines a bit off, many elements in those stories don’t seem nearly as fantastic or impossible as they did when they were written.

If you’d like to see more things that have become fact from fiction, or look to soon be, have a look at the Science Channel’s Prophets of Science Fiction series. What element or piece of technology from a story you’ve read would you most like to see come true? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Godspeed and good luck to Curiosity! I’m looking forward to your discoveries.