About Alan Tucker

tuckerauthor16_standingcolor_medFirst published in 2010, Alan Tucker has written seven novels in both Science Fiction and Fantasy. His newest, The Devil You Know, launches a brand new series, Black & White, which blends elements of both genres and has received high praise from readers.

Alan has made his home in the Big Sky of Montana and enjoys gaming and movies when he’s not voraciously reading or writing his next story.

Visit the main website at AlanTucker.net for more information about his books. View maps, watch trailers, see reviews and much more!

You can contact me via email at: atucker “at” maddesignmt.com

  1. I’m only sorry my kid’s not a teen any more! Can 20-somethings participate? He thinks like a teenager. . .

  2. Hello, l’m loving A Knot in Time. I’m glad it’s the first book. Can’t wait to read the next one. I’m a big fan of time travel. Have been since I was a teen.

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